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Today the world is transforming into a knowledge economy where information is biggest asset and real spring board to growth and development. The National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) has provided guidelines that focus the process of learning on the construction of knowledge rather than memory based short term information accumulation.

UnivExcellence has developed a comprehensive solution to facilitate the implementation of the NCF 2005 guidelines using technology along with reinforcing learning and recalling with research based learning methodology called Avdhan (Age Old Remembering and Recalling Technique). Avdhan learning method has been imbibed in all the learning tools, content, lectures, instructional design, teaching tools and other formal and non formal learning methodologies at UnivExcellence.

School Solutions developed by UnivExcellence provided holistic learning experience to students and enables teachers to deliver and share their best knowledge in limited classroom time with students.

  1. U Excel Class
  2. Digital Library Solution
  3. Mind Power Student
  4. Mr Univ Tablet
  5. Skill Development

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