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U Excel Class is based on Blended Learning Approach with cognitive science a universally trusted theory on the learning process -comprising of Avdhan learning methods. According to it, there is a close relationship between what we know and what we need to learnr and how we need to learn. Human learning process uses various sense organs to grasp information. We remember
15% What we Read
25% What we Hear
60% What we See Hear
80% What we See Hear Read Write.
In last case we use parietal, frontal and temporal lobe of our brain responsible for Conscious and Sub conscious learning thereby 80% retention.
Our learning solutions work on BIA Solution Approach to implement this learning process.

In this process the complete study material is available to student at his home before and he prepares his lesson based on Video before going to the classroom, next step inside the classrom is concept clarity, discussions and problem solving with teachers and peers. Then back home he gets help for Homework, in this BIA process students revises the concept 3 times within 24 hours which shows more than 90% retention as per Scientific theories. Moreover complete content is available to student 24 hours he can study, revise anything, anytime.

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